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  1. Faunos 2 years ago

    I cringed so many times reading this.

  2. Gabei 2 years ago

    That guy needs a pen stuck in his neck.

  3. Faurr 2 years ago

    I can't believe this. Let me get my soapbox I feel a rant coming on. So this is a democratic representative from California who wants to remove our 2nd A rights. I am not surprised by that, all dems want our guns. Threatening to take our guns by using nuclear weapons is surprising. Are they so stupid as to want to take our guns at the expense of their own lives is my question. Then I think about the ignorance that was elected about two weeks ago. You've got crazy eyes Cortez who goes way beyond any stupid I've ever seen. Of course they look at Venezuela and think they can make socialism work. Let's just erase all borders and let anyone in without vetting them, get rid of ICE and let the country self destruct. Because that's what's coming if we don't start pushing back.

  4. Fenrigal
    Fenrigal 2 years ago

    Hey. I am mobile. Kik: isuck314

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